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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ultimate Girls

 Ultimate Girls

Ultimate Girls anime download

Plot Summary:

During a monster attack on the city — this happens quite often — Silk and her two friends try to get close to the attacking monster, for a better view. Due an unfortunate choice of location the girls are crushed to death by UFO-man — the city’s giant protector. Feeling sorry, UFO-man brings Silk and her friends back to life by lending them his power, but the catch is that they now have to become city protectors themselves.

Source: ANN


Episode Listings:

  • Episode 1- Ultimate Operation Number 1
  • Episode 2- Shine! The Ultimate Three Sisters
  • Episode 3-When UG dies, Tokyo collapses!
  • Episode 4-Ah! It`s Eating Tsubomi!
  • Episode 5-From Akiba With Love
  • Episode 6-Silk Gets Desperate
  • Episode 7-Ultimate Girls, to the west
  • Episode 8-Onward to Kyoto
  • Episode 9-Vivienne, Dies in the Setting Sun
  • Episode 10- It`s UG! Sprout!
  • Episode 11- Pervert
  • Episode 12- Farewell Ultimate Girl

NOTE: To be able to play these episodes please download Real Player V 11.0 and make sure you change your systems current year to 2007 to install this player 
Just rename the extension of the videos to .rm to play with any other compatible media player

Download: Mediafire Links

Episodes are encoded and uploaded by my friend Vigneshwaran thanks to him :)

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