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Monday, September 27, 2010

Must watch animes before you die..

A must watch list of animes you must see before you die, though it may sound kiddish to you that oh animes or preferable most people say "cartoon" then i would say you might consider to change your opinion about animes.

Simply putting animes are cartoons which are originating from Japan, for example "Swat Kats" is a US based production hence it comes under the category cartoon, where as the famous "Dragon Ball Z" or any other is from Japan and is considered under the category anime.

Anyways so here's a must watch list and please dont watch these series on youtube in crap quality it will just maar your whole experience...

Summary about the series:
 Light Yagami a very bright student at a university finds himself with a mysterious notebook named Deathnote which possesses a power which is very difficult to digest, write a name of some person in that notebook and he will die! watch this series out as Light uses notebook to create a new world of peace and justice but will he be able to do that.......

Verdict: A series for the smart ones or for those who want to become one!

Enter Goku who is a saiyan by race and there are these mysterious dragon balls that if they are brought together a dragon will emerge and your wish will be granted... watch this as a series of super villains came into existence when hearing about these dragon balls who have only one wish which is "immortality"... will Goku and his friends will be able to beat these villains from having their wish come true.... 

Verdict: A great series involving some spectacular fights with extraordinary powers

This series is i must say a pretty serious love story not to mentioning involving some serious mecha(robot) action, so getting back on the story line there's a military boy Suseke Sagara with his other team mates is ordered to protect a girl named Kaname Chidori who is a high school student, so Suseke goes undercover to protect her and takes admission into her high school, as Suseke displays his brilliant talent while protecting her from the bad guys everyone else in the school goes just spellbound! over his actions..

But as Suseke goes deeper and deeper while protecting Kaname he starts feeling something for her and those emotions came into Suseke's life and leaves him no choice but to leave her, and there are a bunch of bad guys too so watch it yourself to see that whether Suseke will be able to give his best or not....

Verdict: A serious mecha action series involving some great emotions too

Lovely Complex (24 episodes)

This series is no doubt a very hilarious one and i bet that you will start rolling over the floor short for ROTFL xD anyways this series also involves a love story between a tall girl and a shorty and to my surprise they both sit in the same class next to each other! 

As the series goes on it involves some major happenings that triggers love in the girls heart for that shorty so will the girl be able to tell what she is holding in her heart or not, even if she says then whether the boy will accept or not?!

Verdict: A very hilarious series involving a high school romance

Full Metal Alchemist

Alphonse Elric and Edward Elric which are together known as the Elric brothers are the famous alchemist around the town... and due to a bizarre incident while they try to revive their mother from the dead they were forced to pay a sacrifice, a sacrifice which just changes their whole lives!..

As they uncover the path to their destiny they encounter several major incidents that they almost become hopeless.... will the brothers be able to get to their destiny or not see it yourself

Verdict: A very serious anime involving some pretty serious alchemy and comes with a lots of hard emotions too

 Enjoy watching :)


Anonymous said...

this list just what i was searching for, keep it up and don't leave this site please

Wesside said...

Monster should be included!


Abhishek said...

Naruto Shippuuden
Inu yasha
Cyborg 009
Yu Yu Hakusho
These shows are also good

Anonymous said...

Kuchu Buranko
Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica
Angel Beats

Anonymous said...

one piece
fairy tail

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