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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Guide on how to convert your video into RMVB of your own desired file size

Alright folks this guide is practical oriented
Let’s get started, shall we?

Object: To convert videos into RMVB format of your own desired file size.

Software/tools required:

1.) Klite mega codec pack or Combined Community Codec Pack (google it)
2.) Real Producer 11

STEP 1: Setting up your computer

First install Klite mega codec pack or CCCP but before installing any one of these make sure you uninstall any other codec which may be installed on your PC. Just keep clicking next while installing and select the option “lots of stuff” in Klite or if you are installing CCCP select a similar option. Now you are done with the codec’s

Now install Real Producer 11, which is a breeze just keep clicking next and you are done no extra settings are required.

Your PC is now set up and ready for encoding (converting video to a specific format)

STEP 2: Configuring Real Producer

A.)Now open Real Producer you will see a window something similar to this shown below

NOTE: Real Producer only accepts or recognizes .AVI (Audio Video Interleave) format

B.)Now click the browse button to select a video file which you want to convert into RMVB (Real Media Variable Bit rate) as shown in the picture below

C.) Now once you have selected your video it will show status ready as you can see in the picture above. Now click the button named “Audience” now you should see a dialogue box something similar like this

D.) Now from the left hand pane select the tab named 350k download VBR here VBR stands for Variable Bit rate(this audience enhances our selectivity options to set the desired bit rate). Now this is very important, setting up the desired bit rate to get the result of your choice meaning thereby suppose if you want that the converted video file size will not be more than 40 MB so for getting this desired file size you have to set the bit rate accordingly, as you can see in the picture below there are two options which are

1.) Target average bit rate
2.) Target video quality

So here we will select the option 1 which is “target average bit rate” to get the desired file size.
Now as you can see in the picture below, there are two columns in which you have to enter the values of bit rate
Column 1st states “Maximum bit rate” &
Column 2nd states “Target average bit rate”

STEP 3: Setting up the Bit rate

Now this is very important, pay attention here!! we will use this relation to calculate the bit rate (pick up your calculator)

Here is the relation

(your desired file size of the converted video) x 1024 x 8[/u]
(Total length of the video) x 60

(I owe shashaanktulsyan(coolDbZ.com) for providing this relation)

for example if I want to covert a video which should amount to 40 MB so for this what I need is that to know is the actual length of my video suppose it is 23 mins

The above formula will look like this:

40 x 1024 x 8 = ~237
23 x 60

So here my average bit rate comes out to be 237 Kbps

NOTE: the answer which you will get by this formula will be the “average bit rate”

So now we have our average bit rate calculated so now what about the “Maximum bit rate” i.e. column 1, to calculate it just simply multiply the average bit rate by 2
Which is in my case comes out to be

237 x 2 = 474

So here 474 is my “Maximum bit rate”

So now we have calculated both the bit rates i.e. the maximum and the average enter both in the respective columns as shown below and you are almost done

STEP 4: Target frame rate

In this column set the value to 30 as shown in the picture below

STEP 5: Setting up the audio & video bit rates

Set all the audio and video codec’s to 16 Kbps i.e.

Voice codec to – 16 Kbps Music –Real audio
Music Codec to – 16 Kbps –Real audio

Now coming to audio only encoding, set them as

Voice codec to – 16 Kbps Real audio
Music codec to – 16 Kbps Real audio

As shown in the picture below

Final settings should look like this as shown below

Finally you are done just click ok and then click encode as shown in the picture below

To change the path where your encoded(converted) video will go just click the file name which you are about to encode as shown in the picture below and then select whatever location you want.

Now you should be able to encode your desired videos into RMVB format of your desired size

Here's a soft copy of this guide so that you can download it for further reading, in PDF format

Guide in PDF format


Prepared by Playerkhan®™