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Thursday, July 14, 2011



Monster anime download

Plot Summary:

       The story starts with Dr. Tenma a well renowned neuro surgeon miraculously saves a life of a small kid admitted in Isle Memorial Hospital, Germany.
Dr.Tenma gave his best efforts in the surgery but all of a sudden another emergency calls up involving a high class politician in the hospital which needed strict demand of Dr.Tenma but Tenma was already busy in operating the boy but the orders were to operate the politician first... Tenma was in a complex position where he had to choose sides...

Since that time series of events happen with Dr.Tenma which makes Tenma a fugitive... imagine how a neuro surgeon became a fugitive! watch this anime for yourselves..

I will not tell you more about this brilliant psychological thriller series, thought it goes a bit slow but its totally natural i.e. nothing fictional is there, a superb work by Naoki Urasawa... 

It really gets complex in the later episodes just download it now! i think its the only anime which can give some strict competition to the Deathnote series.

There are total of 70 episodes with no fillers at all!

If you are looking for a series which involves some serious suspense which involves the best phsychic brains which will leave you just intrigued on the capability of the characters which are depicted in this series... Just take a glimpse and you will know what i am talking about...